Well that’s me…

The next study is coming up quick.  http://melissataylor.org/and-more/ You can click on this link to actually learn more about it.  It is called: 

What Happens When Women Say Yes to God by Lysa TerKeurst

I am actually joining a Facebook small group this time.  Baby steps, right?!  So the thing we were asked to do today, on Melissa’s blog, http://melissataylor.org was to tell about our selves.  So I figured I would post it on here too so that you all would have a little glimpse of me.

Hi everyone! I live in a small town in Oregon. I am 43 and became a Christian 15 years ago. I have been married for 23 years. I have 4 living children 22, 19, 14, and 12. I have 4 others who are already with the Lord, but only one of those did I get to know before he died of SIDS. I also became a grandma for the first time in May.
My life is summed up by refuting the sayings that people always say, “It can’t get any worse, This is the last time…, etc.” I am learning to find peace in the storm.
I love my God, my family, and God’s creation.
It gives me peace to be in nature.
I also have found a new joy in my new grand daughter. It is my first and she makes my heart swell with joy, peace, and contentment when I am having a rough day.
This is my second study on here. The first one, Stressed-Less Living, was challenging and this one down right scares me. I am doing it though and working on being able to surrender my life’s direction to God. Where ever he would have me and what ever he would have me do. It is not easy for me as the directions have changed dramatically over the years. I am pretty isolated, even though I live in the parsonage of our church and I do daycare. I have some health issues that require me to be in an environment with purified air most of the time. It has distanced me from activities, fellowship, and service (As I once knew it). The last study was my life line to connecting with Christian women and fellowship. I am excited about that part of the study even if saying yes makes me feel so scared.
I won’t be doing the phone thing. I love to communicate through writing, or even having a friend or two over, but I am an introvert. I tend to hide it well, but I think people figure it out because I have issues with phone communication. I also have little time for it with little ones running around all day, but that only adds to the anxiety; it’s not the cause.
Well that’s me. I hope to see you all on here and taking a leap of faith with me!

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