Mirror Mirror…

images (30)Ok, so being truthful I saved this whole week up for today, Saturday.  I found life took over, but I made a commitment, even while feeling like I was drowning, that come today I would buckle down.  It was not easy, for the enemy is bent on keeping me in bondage.  But I did it! And this is what the Lord blessed me with today.

Yep, Tarnished mirror on the way.  Not even used much any more, just admired for its artistic beauty.  In the meanwhile the reflection clouds and becomes less recognizable.  That is what my life has been.

Week two of Stressed-Less Living has been a week lived, study avoided, while I just survived.  Trying to still do things on my own and having many hills and valleys.  But, with Chapter one in the back of my mind I had this irritation, of sorts, that kept poking me.

Literally, I have a heavy medical chart.  This week, starting last weekend, has been a doozie of a week.  But reading through chapter two this morning I found God holding up that old mirror through the words on the pages and the verses he took me through.

What I found was that the farther away I stood from that spiritual mirror the less I could see of how this stress has been such a possible source for all my ailments.  Each step closer I took this morning I found cracks and distortion that I could not see at a distance.  And that may be why, no, that probably is why I have chosen to stay back.

This morning I walked up to the mirror and pressed my nose against the glass (so to speak) and saw my breath, my living breath, there.  The bloating, the lines, the frown, the sad eyes… All the physical problems and all the stress…God was saying, “Child, this refection is not what I want you to see.  But this is what you have become to yourself.  Come to me and you will find rest, and joy, and peace, …. and health.”

So I did the assignments, I answered the questions honestly, and I prayed the prayers with a broken, yet open, heart.  “I am here Lord, and I wait in breathless anticipation to see what reflection you want me to see in that mirror.  I want to be that person.  For me, but also for you God. I love you, Amen.


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2 Responses to Mirror Mirror…

  1. Thank you for sharing! Great post!

  2. Thanks for posting. Enjoyed your blog!

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